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How to Create a Bulletproof Corporation

by William Bronchick, JD


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Revised for 2014: Are still operating as a sole proprietor? Did you know that unincorporated small businesses get audited as much as four times as often as corporations? Did you know that a lawsuit involving your business can expose all of your personal assets?

Do you have employees? Does your business own dangerous assets? Do you pay too much in taxes? Do you want to deduct all of your medical expenses?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you should consider a corporation to run your business. A corporation can limit your personal liability, lower your income taxes, and bring a professional image to your business.

Attorney William Bronchick explains in "plain English" the secrets of creating and maintaining proper corporate records. This course shows you, step by step, form by form, without a lawyer:
  • How to form your corporation in any state without a lawyer

  • How (and when) to take advantage of Nevada corporations

  • "S" vs. "C" corporation status: Which is for you?

  • How to create a paper trail to stand up to lawsuits and IRS audits

  • How to avoid real estate "dealer" status

  • How to hire your family and deduct it!

  • How to use your corporation to deduct "non-deductible" living expenses

  • How to get money out of your corporation with minimum tax

  • How to prevent your corporation from being "pierced" in a lawsuit

  • How to give legitimacy to a "one-man" corporation

  • How to incorporate an existing business

  • How to transfer assets to your new corporation

  • How to set up a "tax-free" medical/dental plan

  • How to defer paying income tax by "staggering" your tax year

And much, much more!

"I formed my corporation using your course. It was exactly as you said, step by step. Thanks!" --J. Farney, Dallas, TX

"I saved several hundred dollars by incorporating my business myself. My CPA was impressed with my knowledge, again, THANKS TO YOU!" --Ken Holliday, Jr.

"Your course is simple, straightforward,
and easy to follow"
--Cary Anderson, N.C.

"Get the course. My wife and I used it to help us set up our C corporation. It was so easy. Later, we had an attorney say he would only charge us $2500 to set up a corporation. We laughed!" --Alan Paine, Houston, TX

This course comes complete with . . .

    • 226-page workbook complete with state-specific legal references

    • 30-minute DVD from live boot camp

    • CD-ROM with state-specific filing forms to create and use corporations

    • State-specific filing forms and instructions

    Why pay an attorney thousands of dollars for paper-pushing?

    If you've decided that it's time to start protecting your hard-earned assets, and to minimize your tax liability, order your copy of How To Create a Bulletproof Corporation today.

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