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The Legalwiz Guide to Asset Protection

by William Bronchick, JD


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The Legalwiz Guide to Asset Protection: How to Protect Yourself
from Lawsuits, Taxes, and other Financial Disasters!

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ONLY $1,297.00!

wealth protection Volume One: Advanced Wealth Protection Strategies
This 130-page manual and four-DVD course is loaded with practical information for protecting and preserving your assets from lawsuits, liability, and financial disaster.

Tons of practical advice for setting up your business and real estate holdings for maximum lawsuit protection and minimum tax liability. [Read More...]

bulletproof corporations Volume Two: How to Create a Bulletproof Corporation
This home study course shows you, step by step, how to form and maintain a corporation in any state. You will save THOUSANDS in taxes and attorney fees and get dozens of practical tips for running your corporation.

Complete with state-specific legal forms on CD-ROM, a "quick start" audio CD, and 30-minute DVD. [Read More...]

land trusts Volume Three: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Land Trusts
This one-of-a-kind course shows you, step by step, how to form and use land trusts to keep your property ownership private and free from public intrusion.

Contains references to the laws to all 50 states (Not valid in TN & LA), a "quick-start" audio CD, and 30-minute DVD. [Read More...]

LLCs Volume Four: How to Form Your Own LLCs and Family Limited Partnerships
Learn, step by step, how to form and maintain a limited liability company or family limited partnership to protect your assets.

Dozens of practical tips for starting and running an LLC or FLP, including state-specific forms CD, a "quick-start" audio CD and 30-minute DVD. [Read More...]

Act now and save thousands of dollars... Lawyers who understand these concepts (and believe me, friend, there are only a few), charge their clients in the TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for this kind of protection. If you do nothing you're extremely vulnerable. Don't wait until it is too late, take action today!

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