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Power Real Estate Negotiating

by William Bronchick, JD


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In real estate, you make the most money by effective negotiating with sellers, buyers, & tenants

Revised for 2014: Do you ever get tongue-tied talking to sellers, buyers, or tenants? Do you draw a blank when talking to a person on the phone? Do you find yourself searching for things to say? Do you want sellers to tell you what they really want? Do you just want to close more deals?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you are completely normal. Nobody is born a negotiator; it takes work, practice, and experience. Of course, I expect you are one of those people who doesn't like to wait. Join the club; that's me, too.

Negotiating is a skill, which takes practice and experience. But you can shortcut the process by learning from the experience of others. That's what you'll get in Bill Bronchick's Power Real Estate Negotiating audio series.

In just a few hours, you can learn how to make more money in less time by simply flapping your lips! Too many investors think the way to more money is working harder. They cut corners by swinging a hammer or using a paintbrush to increase their profits. Do you think Donald Trump got so rich because he's a good painter?

In the Power Real Estate Negotiating series, you will learn...
  • How create instant rapport on a subconscious level with any person

  • How to "set the stage" before you open your mouth--don't blow it before you start!

  • How to use "sex" to get what you want--ethically and effectively

  • Understanding people's specific thinking patterns before you make an offer

  • Negotiating with people who don't speak English

  • Where to sit (or not) when negotiating with a seller in his home

  • Negotiating with real estate brokers--the rules are different

  • 5 instant deal killers you must avoid!

  • Specific situational negotiating with sellers, banks, tenants, or buyers

  • The price objection--why it's not as big a deal as you think

  • Backed into a corner? Here's EXACTLY what to do...

  • How to use voice mail to pre-negotiate for you

  • Using "NLP" (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to influence others

  • Using "hypnotic" language to close deals faster

  • Body language--why most of what you say is what you DON'T say

  • Handling objections--a formula that works every time!

  • 10 killer negotiating "ploys" that work in almost every situation (and how to prevent someone else from pulling one of these stunts on you!)

  • Negotiating on the phone--what to say and what NOT to say

  • Plus, you will hear actual negotiations performed during a role-playing bit recorded at a live seminar.

    As always, Bill Bronchick's material is up to date, professionally produced, and full of practical, hands-on information:

    This will totally change your way of thinking and talking to sellers, buyers, and tenants. Instead of doing the old "um, uh" on the phone, you'll know exactly what to say when sellers, buyers, and tenants call. You will convert more prospective sellers, buyers, and tenants into deals, working harder smarter, instead of working harder.

    If you want to convert more prospects into deals that make you even more money, order Power Real Estate Negotiating now.

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