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The Ultimate Guide to "Buy & Hold" Real Estate

by William Bronchick, JD


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Learn how to create massive cash flow and a
prosperous retirement through rental properties!

Smart investors in your own backyard are snatching up bargains and discounts of 20%, 30%, even 40%--because RIGHT NOW is the BEST time to be in the real estate market.

And believe me, there is a limited window of opportunities because prices are down, banks are suffering, and deals are everywhere! Just look around you.

Smart long-term investors are buying up bargain deals at discounts that are so HUGE, you won't believe you paid retail for your last house. That's what this training will show YOU how to do.

Take control of your future!

Many novice real estate investors in the last few years have gone broke by speculating in real estate. Smart investors make their profits long term. When the market is up, you get appreciation, and that's great. BUT, when the market is down, real estate is on sale! In this training, you are going to learn how to buy below wholesale.

Bank foreclosures are on the rise and will continue to increase dramatically over the next few years. There are going to be some GREAT opportunities over the next few years to buy foreclosed properties--and those who stand up, TAKE ACTION, and BUY NOW will get wealthy. Those who sit on the sidelines will not.

Here's a secret folks--the banks don't want to foreclose and end up owning all those properties. Many of them are willing to negotiate the debt and take a HUGE discount now, instead of waiting for maybe less money later.

Because banks are highly regulated, they cannot foreclose on all the loans they have that are in default. As a result, they are forced to make huge concessions by taking less than the debt owed on the property. That is a huge opportunity for those investors who know how to work the system!

Foreclosure deals mean BIG BARGAINS, and those who get in NOW will prosper. Those who don't will lose out on this great opportunity! It may not come again for 20 years, and you will be kicking yourself. Don't wait, because this opportunity won't last for long!

Skeptical about investing right now?

Given the current economic situation, "Buy & Hold" real estate provides many, many benefits.

For example, you can:

  • Pick up single family homes, condos, even apartments, for bargain basement prices!

  • Use these properties to finance your retirement

  • Improve your present standard of living

  • Take advantage of favorable tax incentives

  • Build up a substantial monthly cash flow

  • Tap into a REAL bonanza
In The Ultimate Guide to Buy & Hold, you'll find out...
  • The best way to find deals
  • How to estimate a property's market value in 5 minutes or less

  • How to (legally) never pay taxes, even when you sell

  • The answers to all the questions you forgot to ask about land trusts

  • Why you should get that property out of your name

  • How to choose the proper entity for your business

  • How to avoid disaster with your limited liability company

  • How a good mentor can hold the key to your success

  • How to prepare for a closing

  • How to analyze cash flow, cap rate and net operating income

  • And much, much more!

Create an instant college fund for your kids!

The real estate market is falling in many places, and it's still a buyers market. That means it is time to BUY, when things are cheap, not when things are HOT. Most people do the opposite, and they suffer financially.

Just think, one or two really good deals can fund your kids' college at the university of their choice! Instead of student loans, imagine sending your kids to school anywhere in the country--and price is no object!

Get The Ultimate Guide to Buy and Hold now and get all the powerful, money-making information you get in the easy-to-read manual and audio CDs that come with this program.

If you're ready to take advantage of this historic real estate market, order your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Buy & Hold and start making money now!

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