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Short Sales Step-by-Step

by Phil Pustejovsky


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How to Close $32,000 in Short
Sale Profits in the Next 90 Days!

Short Sales Step-by-Step™ home study course equips shows you how to close $32,000 in short sale profits in 90 days or less. This system has been field tested by students all across the country and has produced extraordinary results.

This revolutionary short sale and foreclosure training system combines a 700-page manual with all of the forms you need to close deals along with an audio version on CD, plus live calls with sellers and lenders. This complete home study course includes:

Short Sales Step-by-Step™ Manual

Over 700 pages of the most comprehensive and straight-forward short sale and foreclosure information ever compiled. Nothing compares to the incredible money-making strategies contained in this program, which includes REAL details to make REAL profits right now.
  • Chapter 1 The short sale fundamentals that everyone must understand before they embark on short sales.

  • Chapter 2 The 13 surefire ways to bring short sale deals through the door.

  • Chapter 3 The 10 questions you must ask before you ever leave to view the property so that you can evaluate if a deal is worth your time.

  • Chapter 4 The 12 steps you must accomplish when you meet with the client so that you complete every detail, saving time and earning thousands.

  • Chapter 5 How to perform due diligence in lighting-like speed so that you can determine how much your deal will profit.

  • Chapter 6 The 5 essential keys to communicating with lenders.

  • Chapter 7 The 24 most cost efficient "Bang for Your Buck" renovations that turn a rough looking property into a beautiful property a retail buyer would love to buy and the 5 best ways to locate a retail buyer immediately in any market.

  • Chapter 8 The 9 closing preparations to address in order to guarantee a successful closing and the mandatory actions during and after the closing to protect yourself down the road.

  • Chapter 9 The 32 Golden Rules of Short Sales, how to set up your office for maximum efficiency, how to structure your accounting as well as legal entities, and how to build your short sale team

  • eBook for Palm or Pocket PC The entire manual in the palm of your hand. Provides quick and easy access when you are out on appointments and need a refresher.

Short Sales Step-by-Step™ Forms CD

These are the exact same forms Phil uses on all of his personal deals! Plus, they are in popular formats, Microsoft Word and Excel, so you can customize them to fit your specific needs. Safeguard your interests, lock in your profits, and much more!
  • Short Sale documents, including the Purchase Contract, Authorization to Release Form, Memorandum of Agreement, and many more

  • "Selling" Your Short Sale Documents, including the famous "Lock in Your Buyer" Contract created from years of time and considerable expense

  • The only one of its kind "Short Sale Formulated" HUD1 Creator

  • A Proprietary BPO Creator that puts you in charge of the negotiation

  • Closing forms

  • Contractor forms

  • Marketing forms
  • And many, many more!

Short Sales Step-by-Step™ Audio CDs

  • 1 CD for each chapter of the manual (9 CDs total)

  • Live Audio CD of Phil talking with Lenders

  • Live Audio CD of Phil talking with Sellers

  • Live Audio CD of actual "sign up" meetings between Phil and motivated sellers

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90-Day Quick Start Success Blueprint

When you order the Short Sales Step-by-Step™ home study course today, you'll get this special bonus absolutely FREE!

There has never been anything quite like this ever before--a step by step plan that covers every single detail, so that anyone can be successful with short sales and foreclosures, even if they have no experience in real estate.

This Success Blueprint walks you week-by-week on a 90-day action plan towards closing your first $32,000 in profits in 90 days or less.

short sale real estate course

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