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"DealMaker's Guide" Video Seminar DVD: Getting Started in Commercial Real Estate

by Ray Alcorn


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Commercial Real Estate: A Strategic
Road Map for Building Wealth

This is, quite simply, a GREAT DVD video seminar of Ray teaching the basic principles you need to invest in commercial real estate of all types. Ray Alcorn is the host of our Commercial Real Estate Forum. And he's THE #1 expert when it comes to commercial real estate investing.

This 2-hour 15-minute 100% teaching video was filmed live at our How to Get Lenders Fighting to Give You Money workshop. Ray's presentation has generated such a flood of praise and gratitude for the immense amount of knowledge shared, we've decided to make available to everyone.

Now, at long last, it's available on a DVD, formatted for viewing on either your computer or your home DVD player. Here's a preview:

When you watch this Video Seminar, and you'll learn:

  • Why commercial real estate is THE #1 way to build long-term wealth

  • Why commercial real estate is poised for fantastic returns TODAY

  • Ray Alcorn's 5-step plan for success in commercial real estate

  • How to understand and analyze demographic trends, plus four specific resources Ray uses for market research

  • How to identify highly profitable "emerging markets" that everyone else is ignoring

  • How to "normalize" the seller's operating statement and arrive at the true Net Operating Income

  • How to determine the value for an income property that guarantees your return

  • Three ways to buy "upside" properties and specifically what to look for

  • How to "create" value: Real-world examples of "building a money pump"

  • How to explode your wealth with 1031 exchanges

...and much, MUCH more.

This Video Seminar package, DealMaker's Guide Video Seminar: Getting Started in Commercial Real Estate, includes a 40-page workbook that with the PowerPoint slides and a section for notes beside each slide. You'll get hard-copy handouts of Ray's time-proven, 75 line-item Due Diligence form and a step-by-step guide to calculating the value of any income property.

Many students at the workshop have said that the handouts alone were the most valuable tools they have ever received.

Here's what one attendee had to say:

Ray gets up and turns the fire hose on. Lots of details, lots of analysis and some well timed humor. Even experienced investors start to see the error of their investing ways.

When I asked the same individuals after Ray's presentation several said they likely should have passed on many of the deals that they completed.

They now know there is a whole lot more to commercial real estate compared to
"nothing down and then wait for appreciation."

--John Corey
Chelsea Private Equity LLC
US & UK Investor & Hard Money Lender

This workshop is truly unique. Ray goes into intimate detail about deals he has completed (over $50 million in the last five years alone), how they were structured, financed, and the outcome.

He'll tell you from his own experience that every deal has wrinkles (and how to spot them) that make the difference between a home-run profit or a loser from the start. Ray shares with you a multitude of examples of how specific techniques learned over his 25-year career can be used to create winning strategies for profit.

Ray, your video seminar is very good. The technical definitions and theory of RE investing are only as valuable as the numbers used to back them up. The best parts of your presentation are how you don't just say "normalize the income" you go step by step what that means, and show example numbers.

--Judah Hoover
Signature Finance & Consulting
PA Mortgage Broker and Investor
President Harrisburg PA-REIA

And there is still more...

Dealmaker's Guide DVD

You'll get a Documents CD that includes the full-color PowerPoint presentation of the DVD, formatted so it can be viewed side-by-side while the DVD plays on your computer. Plus, a black and white version suitable for printing to use while viewing the DVD on your television.

Special Bonuses for Video Seminar Customers!

Bonus #1

The Documents CD includes Ray's famous Derivative Cap Rate Calculator on a live Excel worksheet. This is the quickest and most accurate tool anywhere for:
  • Finding the value of an income property that guarantees your cash flow,

  • Testing different financing structures, and

  • Determining in advance the maximum amount that can be paid for a property

This invaluable tool has previously been available only with the purchase of Ray's consummate manual for commercial real estate investors, Dealmaker's Guide to Commercial Real Estate. It is included as a bonus with the Video Seminar package, so you can get a head-start on evaluating deals and learning how to structure deals--just as Ray teaches in his presentation.

Bonus #2

Also included as a special bonus is a digital version of Ray's 75 line-item Due Diligence Form. You probably already know Ray is a stickler for performing exhaustive due diligence. This is the exact form he has developed over decades of doing deals formatted in Adobe PDF. Now you can print as many copies as you need for repeated use.

Bonus #3

100% Financing: Feeding the Desire to Acquire One of Ray's most important articles about the dangers of "no money down" deals in commercial properties. You'll learn the critical importance of calculating the break-even ratio and how to build in a margin of safety in every deal.

Ray is one of the most thorough and sincere teachers in real estate. Here's a comment from a couple who have attended many of Ray's presentations:

We cannot begin to thank you for things--knowledge--you have given us. Just wanted you to know that you affect lives and change destinies!

--Bill and Kim Cook, Adairsville GA

Act Now! Quantities are Limited

We have produced a limited number of this special DVD seminar.
  • Have you have ever thought about investing in commercial properties?

  • Are you're ready to move up from single-family house deals?

  • Do you look longingly at shopping centers, office buildings, and other income producing properties?

  • Do you want to make more money with less work?

Then this seminar is for you. Here's what you get:

Getting Started in Commercial Real Estate

  • 2-Hour, 15-minute live training DVD

  • Market and Demographic Analysis

  • How to find emerging markets

  • Step-by-step Property Analysis

  • Real world examples

Video Seminar Workbook

  • Document CD with full color PowerPoint slides and printable version

  • All forms and handouts

  • Bonuses: Derivative Cap Rate Calculator & Printable Due Diligence form

  • Available Now!

Special Bonus for CRE Online Visitors Only!

For a limited time Ray has agreed to make his just-released 2011-2012 Commercial Real Estate Forecast available FREE with the purchase of this new DVD home study course "DealMaker's Guide" Video Seminar: Getting Started in Commercial Real Estate.

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