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Taking the Mystery Out of Money

by Lonnie Scruggs


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UPDATED in 2013

You may know Lonnie Scruggs as the "Father" of the used mobile home business. He was the FIRST to teach others how to make fantastic profits with once-shunned used mobile homes.

Through his books and workshops, Lonnie has shared information that has changed many hundreds of lives for the better. Making money is easy--IF you know how.

Lonnie's book, Taking the Mystery out of Money, teaches you how to stop working for money and start making money work for you!
"The only real difference between wealth and poverty is education. If you don't understand how money works, how can you expect to have any?"
This 263-page book is loaded with case histories, examples, and money-making ideas to help you understand money and financing, so YOU can reach your financial goals. Here are just some of the topics covered:
  • How to Use a Financial Calculator

  • Power of Compounding Interest

  • How Many "Doubles" Do You Have

  • How to Create Notes & Cash Flow

  • How to Use Notes to Buy & Sell

  • How to Improve Notes for Better Yield

  • How to Buy Notes in Pieces

  • How to Make Big Yields from Little Deals

  • Making Hard Money Loans

  • Profits from Prepayments

  • Time Value of Money

  • Rule of 72

  • Understanding CAP Rates

  • Simple Interest vs. Compound Interest

  • Difference Between Yield & Discount

  • New Car or Roth IRA?

  • Money Is Not the Problem.

  • Is Being Poor Hereditary?

  • Job Security or Financial security?

  • Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

  • Who is Planning Your Retirement?
Most people spend their entire life working for money, only to wind up old and broke. If you depend on a "job" for your income, then you need to learn what financially successful people do--make your money work for you.

This book shows you how to work smart by doing a little work one time, and getting paid for a long time. Here are a few written reviews:
"Taking the Mystery out of Money is a no holds barred, straight from the hip lesson in understanding how money either works for you or against you. The decision is yours, and this book gives you the tools with which to make the right decisions. Well done and many thanks, Lonnie!"

--Tony Colella, author of Investing in Mobile Homes with Land.

"This book is a MUST for anyone interested in making $$$ without breaking a sweat or cleaning up after someone else's pets."

--Tye Roy (aka "Sailor")

Are you so busy trying to make a living that you aren't making any real money? If you are ready to "fire your boss," order your copy of Taking the Mystery out of Money today!

(Order two, and send one to a friend or family member. It could be the best gift you could ever give.)

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