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Deals on Wheels: How to Buy, Sell, and Finance Used Mobile Homes for Big Profits and Cash Flow

by Lonnie Scruggs


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*** Newly Updated: Dodd-Frank & SAFE Act Compliant ***

If you're tired of being a landlord but still want a good monthly cash flow, or if you're a real estate note investor who can't find any good-yielding paper, or if you just want to make MORE MONEY, you need to read this book.

Written in a folksy, "down home" style, Deals On Wheels explains in detail how you can earn yields of 50% to 175% on what the author calls "Wobbly Boxes." Learn to buy, sell, and finance used mobile homes for big profits and generous cash flow.

This book covers everything you need to get started earning awesome yields with minimum hassle, including:
  • The best kinds of mobile homes to buy

  • Eight ways to find low-priced mobile homes

  • How to negotiate an even lower purchase price

  • How to determine necessary repairs

  • How to make your phone ring off the hook with buyers when you resell

  • How to get started with $3,500

  • How to start with no money

  • And much more
Deals on Wheels is based upon the actual experiences of Lonnie Scruggs, the "Father" and "Master" of the used mobile home business. Lonnie shares his many years of experience and shows you how to make fantastic profits in the least recognized, yet best money-making business in the country.

Here are just a few of the many written letters and testimonials Lonnie has received from folks around the country:
I've been in the business for three months now and in that time I've done seven mobile home deals, most of which are yielding in excess of 100% returns.

---T.B., Beloit, WI

I purchased your book about a year ago and since then I've done 32 mobile home deals in the Houston area.

---G.M., Houston, TX

Enclosed is my check for Making Money With Mobile Homes. Also, thank you for the $5,000 I made last month from your first book.

---T.P., Corning, NY

On March 20th we purchased your book and on April 28th purchased our first mobile home. We sold it 17 days later at a profit of $5,030. As of today, we have bought 14 mobile homes and sold 12 and made money on all of them.

---M.K., Scottsdale, AZ

I've been doing "Lonnie" deals locally and they are working out pretty good. The deal I closed yesterday was a 10 x 50, 2/1 in an old park near where we live. We bought it for $3,000 and in two days sold it for $6,500 with $2,000 down. We took back a note for $4,500, 12.75% interest, 36 payments of $151.06. My yield = GOOD ENOUGH, as you say.

---R.M., Glendeden Beach, OR

Lonnie, I got your second book today and got so excited (again) that I just had to share this with you. We just bought a mobile home here in our park for $3,000 and sold it in a couple of days for $8,500. Got $3,000 down and have a note for $5,500 payable $230 / month for 30 months. Thanks again....

---D.O., Santa Fe, NM
Referred to as the "Bible for the Mobile Home Business," this newly updated version has two NEW chapters including solutions to the SAFE Act, which affects all mobile home investors. It also includes these contracts and forms:
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Sales Agreement
  • Credit Application
  • Promissory Note
  • Lot Rental Agreement
  • Buy/Sell Info Sheet
  • Smoke Detector Verification
  • Power of Attorney
All orders include this 2014 Special Report:

NEW Rules for Selling Mobile Homes with
Seller Financing So You Comply with Dodd-Frank

Lonnie deals can still be done - you just need to change a few things.

In this Special Report you will learn:
  • What Interest Rate You Can Charge
  • How Many Deals Per Year You Can Do
  • When to Use a Mortgage Broker
  • Qualifying Your Buyer
  • Advertising Rules
  • Why You Cannot Sell the Beneficial Interest in a Personal Property Trust
  • Everything You Need to Know About Dodd-Frank & The SAFE Act
  • Consequences of Violating Dodd-Frank
  • What You Don't Know Can Hurt You - Get the Facts with This Report!
Combine the information is this Special Report with the information in Lonnie Scruggs' books to learn how to create cash flow by selling older mobile homes with seller financing.

Mobile homes don't require a big investment, yet you can create great cash flow and incredible yields. If you're tired of tenants, or 12% real estate paper, or if you just want to make more money, order your copy of Deals on Wheels today.

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