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Ben Yonge Ben Yonge is the president and real estate broker behind Equity First, a turnkey investment company offering discount Florida foreclosures to investors of all types. He's been featured on MSNBC and internationally in the Daily Mail. You can find Ben on Facebook and Twitter.

Lightning-Fast Funding, No Credit Needed – Use Hard Money

A hard money loan is a form of real estate financing that’s based on the value of the property to be purchased rather than the credit of the borrower. Hard money loans are most often used for house flipping or other investing strategies that require a quick turnaround.

It’s like another tool for your toolbox, and as you’ll see, the benefits of this unique financing strategy are worth learning about. Here’s how hard money loans can help…

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International Investors Jump into the U.S Market. Why Not You?

When you hear the phrase “the current state of the U.S. economy” in a conversation, someone’s usually talking about job loss, high health insurance costs, or one of the many other economic stressors plaguing American families in 2012. Bring up this phrase in a discussion with international investors however, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by smiling faces.

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Don’t Flip This House – Milk It

You know what’s even better than earning extra income this month? Earning extra income every month. While it’s true that flipping houses can be a great way to turn a quick profit, you make that profit just once per property.

A buy and hold strategy provides a safer option because you’re creating a steady stream of predictable passive income.

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